Silicon Desert

Silicon Desert is part silicon (the computer sounds, a la "Silcon Valley"), and part middle-eastern desert.  This was originally called "LA Underground" because it was born in GarageBand on an iPad from Dallas to Los Angeles and it just seemed to fit.  I watched Michael Jackson's "This Is It" and the song right after Thriller was a shortened version of "Threatened".  That live band on that song at that time sounded great to me, so I wanted to use that minor-second bass line.  This version is only three notes whereas that one was five, but the inspiration comes from that.  The melody was an accident playing around with the different scales in GarageBand's smart keyboard tool...and that scale and melody just seemed to work for me...also reminds me a little bit of the old jazz "Caravan" at times.  So, here's a very eclectic sounding tune for you...I hope to hear a french horn, bassoon, oboe, or trombone on it for sure!  Or all of those at the same time. :)  

Key : Bb

Style : Rock-hop, middle eastern flavor

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