How to Make First Chair

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Brandi Outz, Texas All-State Trumpeter

As a former student of Chris Roberts, the methods in How to Make First Chair really gave me an understanding of how to prepare to go into an audition. When I made the Texas All State Band as a high school freshman, I realized how important these methods are in the process of auditioning. I really believe that other students will benefit from the methods described in How to Make First Chair.

---Brandi Outz, former student of Chris Roberts and Texas All-State as a 9th Grader


Welcome to How to Make First Chair!


Welcome to the official site of the How to Make First Chair book, DVD, and more.   All the methods are for musicians at every level, from beginner to high school, college and beyond.  In addition to step-by-step information about how to prepare for specific music, much attention is given to the process of an audition or performance.  Please review our testimonials (send us one if you have one), and check out our new (and still growing) section of videos demonstrating the How to Make First Chair methods.  Check out all of our FREE DOWNLOADS while you are here!

Announcing the "First Chair Scholarship" Winner

How to Make First Chair and That Trumpet Guy announce the 2010 - 2011 First Chair Scholarship winner here!

Thanks to Kelley Taylor for her video testimonial! 

Kelley has been using How to Make First Chair with her band at Brandenburg Middle School and has set new records the last 2 years with the number of students making their all-district band:

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