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More info on the Team Challenge

Objective: To challenge friends & family of Freddy to raise $1,000 for the Freddy Fund by April 1. This is in an effort to meet the $15,000 matching grant from the Christensen Family Foundation.

“How can I help?”
After repeatedly hearing the question, “How can I get involved”, the Freddy Fund team has created a unique fundraising idea that will get more folks involved by asking them to participate at whatever level they feel comfo...rtable. Individually or in teams of 2, we are challenging friends and family of Freddy to raise $1,000 each by April 1. It’s not an exorbitant number, but something we felt was achievable for 1 or 2 people.

We will give you the necessary tools to help you (info sheet, flyer, thank you letters, logo/artwork, methods of payment, signage, etc.). We even have a list of over 100 fundraising ideas so you could start tomorrow with your poker tournament, art show, or bake sale. You can be as creative as you want to be. And we encourage it! In fact, that’s one of the prizes…

We have solicited donations from local businesses to help us with prizes for the challenge. There are 5
different categories that will receive 5 prizes:
1) most creative fundraiser
2) fastest to $1,000
3) most inclusive of the community
4) best use of Freddy’s favorite saying, “Be Famous”
5) Most money raised
In order to participate, all fundraising ideas should be submitted and cleared by the Freddy Fund team first. We do not condone illegal activities and will not accept any funds raised through illegal or inappropriate means.

The objective is to raise at least $15,000 by April 1.

All participating teams will be honored at a celebratory event on Sunday, February 13at Veritas Wine Room on Henderson Ave in Dallas. Winners will be announced and prizes awarded. And as a special guest, Chef Copeland from Dallas’s famous Ava Restaurant will be working the grill for us.

1) What if we don’t raise $1,000?
a. The Freddy Fund team will decide whether your team is eligible for the prizes.

2) What if we raise more than $1,000?
a. For you overachievers out there, THANK YOU! The team will get 1 vote for every $1,000 your team raises. So yes, you can “buy” more votes!

3) Who judges the winners?
a. The Freddy Fund team will determine the most creative, most inclusive of the community, and best use of the phrase “Be Famous.”

4) What if we want to have a team of more than 2 people?
a. The more the merrier! However, the prizes are mostly geared towards teams of 2 so some of your other teammates may not be able to receive the prize.

5) Why do we have to submit our idea to you?
a. In short, we don’t want to get sued because Joe Schmo thought that robbing a bank was considered a good “fundraising idea.”

6) Can you help us with our fundraising idea?
a. ABSOLUTELY. We have resources to help you with your fundraiser so feel free to ask Matt, Miguel, Susan, and the Mikes (Anderson & Morales).