Freddy Field


1) Provide a safe playing environment for Maple Lawn Elementary students,  America SCORES Dallas participants, and the entire neighboring community.

2) Honor the life of a friend and community champion, Federico "Freddy" Garcia.

3) Facilitate healthy, active lifestyles in the Maple Lawn community and beyond.


Maple Lawn Elementary

3120 Inwood Road

Dallas, TX 75235

Posted at the Field and shared with our community partners utilizing the Field, the Freddy Fundamentals is a pledge that every child will take before playing on the Field. They reflect Freddy’s core values, on and off the field. Through the Freddy Fundamentals, the Field will be a place where his spirit lives on.
“BE RESPECTFUL”   Respect the game, your teammates, your opponents, the referee, your community, and most importantly, yourself.
“BE CREATIVE”   Play with some flair and try new things.
“BE PASSIONATE”   Show some enthusiasm, play with heart, and always work hard.
“BE FAMOUS”   A saying Freddy often used, Be Famous was a clever way of saying BE CONFIDENT!  Go on, take a chance. Don’t be afraid to be great.

Located only miles from one of the wealthiest communities in Dallas, the median household income for the immediate community is only $17,246.  The following demographic breakdown summarizes the neighboring community*:


Average Family Size: 4.5 People

Percentage of people that have graduated college: 4%

Percentage of people either walking or taking bus to school or work: 71%

The prevalence of obesity in the United States has more than doubled in the past three decades, and certain racial/ethnic populations have been affected disproportionately according to the Center of Disease Control.  One healthy activity that brings this community together is soccer.  While it is anticipated that the idea of a new field would be welcome, results from a recent survey distributed to families of Maple Lawn students showed that when asked "if they were interested in an after-school program for their children that involves soccer?", the answer was a resounding "YES!"**    


*stats according to

**out of 120 parents surveyed, 108 said that their children play soccer either often or sometimes...90%!